Happy Birthday? </3

Nii-san and I will neverjoin forces with Satan, even if he is our father!

Yukio: Spending time together, the three of us…

Rin: Cooking for dad! Also…Are you sure Kuro is with Shura…?

We’ll be answering questions later tonight! Please free to send us questions here or on Ask-Yukio-Okumura or Ask-demon-rin!

Rin: Got to run for the night everyone!  Feel free to leave us questions, we’ll get back you as soon as I have to study we can.  Also feel free to pop by my ask rin account!  Links on the page!

Yukio: Good night, everyone!


Yukio: Greetings, Anonymous Demon, I believe we have met before.

Yukio: …………

Rin: Only if I get first shot…but seriously..WHY NO LOVE ME?!

Yukio: Ah, that would be when Nii-san first came to the cram school

Rin: You should have told me!

Yukio: Father wanted you to grow up as a human. I wasn’t about to change that.

Rin: Our biggest fight…well…it was when I found out he had known all along…

Yukio: Hello everyone! We are now answering asks! So of course, you should ask us some questions! 

Rin: I like questions *stares at webcam* how does this work again? *puts hand over lens*

Yukio: Why, hello there! 

Rin: Yukio, what’s going on?

Yukio: Nii-san, we’re going to be answering questions for people from now on.

Rin: Hm… Hm… ~nods~ That sounds like a good idea! ~big grin~

Yukio: ~smiles~ It does, doesn’t it? ~turns and looks at the reader~ Now! In order for us to answer any questions, you have to ask them!! The ask box is open, and the first answers will be posted in a day or so.

Rin: Go ask me questions! I want to answer them!!

Yukio: Yes, please do! 

((This blog will be run by two people, and it will be a mix of art and cosplay replies :D Yukio and Rin will start answering this friday, and are very excited to see what you have to ask of them! So, until then!))